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Type Poster

One of the most commonly utilized and recognized fonts in graphic design is Futura. Some big brands that use Futura include Supreme, Absolute Vodka, Redbull, Domino's Pizza, and countless more. People encounter the Futura typeface numerous times every day and have no idea the history behind it, and that’s just what I was out to accomplish with this typeface poster.


Created in 1927 by Paul Renner, were two of the most important pieces of information someone could know about the font. To create a weight that counteracted the boldness of the focus, I used red to accentuate the importance of Renner and when his creation came to be.


Additionally, the entire typeface including special characters was placed and rotated against the sides of the spread to give movement and interesting focal points. The paragraph included on the right-hand corner was important to include context and information relevant to the typeface.

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