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Type Booklet

Assigned to display the entirety of the typeface, I was tasked with designing a type booklet for “Avant-Garde. I chose a color scheme that expressed the boldness of the font, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black bring the four colors required for printing, which was also a factor in my decision.


Wanting to draw attention to the more important information on the spread, I used lines of the same color on the next page to
separate the header text from the subtext. The diagonal lines and overlapping crossbars are some of the signature looks in this typeface and should be represented as such.

The process of this project resulted in a cohesive, colorful booklet that represents and displays the unique typeface that is
Avant-Garde. Using a CMYK color scheme and glyphs added to the consistency of Avant-Garde being used as a creative tool, not just an ordinary typeface. 

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