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When Pop Punk emerged in the ’70s  with bands like the Ramones and the Undertones, it resulted in a brand new type of design that seemed to mimic the way it sounded. These new genres of music and design were the result of the rejection of the strict rules that modernism and its style had set in place. The use of relatively messy textures and multiple fonts gave the work a chaotic, yet organized aesthetic. 


As one that is familiar with the Pop Punk scene and its aesthetic, I took this as an opportunity to try it out myself.  I was able to create original content for the magazine by using my own opinions and even conducting and interviewing one of my friends who produces his own music. 


Taking some inspiration from the magazines I read as a teenager like Alternative Press and Kerrang, I was able to create my own Pop Punk magazine that features some of my closest friends, and content that is meaningful to both them and myself.

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